10 Diaper Hacks Every Mom Should Know In Pakistan

diaper hacks for Pakistani moms

Best Diaper Hacks For Pakistani Moms

Changing your baby’s diaper can be very unpleasant. Because you can not stand the smell of it. After they are one year old they can’t stand being placed on their backs with an unchanged diaper. Which makes the mother clean their diapers every short while. Every motherhood is different and teaches all new and old moms some diaper hacks.

Talking to other moms will make you realize that you are mutually going through the same agonizing experience. But you will also get to know their tricks and the tools that they use. Here are some really useful diaper hacks that every mom should know in Pakistan to tackle with the daily hustle of their growing baby. 

diaper hacks for Pakistani Moms

Be very patient while tackling this

Make sure your child is busy playing or toying around with something. When kids are distracted with plushy toys or teethers. They do not notice when you are picking them up for changing the diaper. This is the most clever diaper hack a mom should know. 

Just see if the toy is plush and soft enough that even if it falls on your Child’s face, they do not get hurt. Some mothers mistake this step by handing over their phones and hard toys to the babies and they can’t handle it. And it ends up hurting them by falling on their face or body. 


Get Mouthy (Yeah it is gross, but it helps) 

If your baby loses interest in the toy that you have given them. Take some dangly toy or something which has dangling or draping features in your mouth. This may distract them. All their attention will be in that thing. And you can easily do your job. 

Babies get attracted to such fascinating things. You can easily wipe them off and replace the dirty diaper with a new one. It will also make the application of any ointment or rash cream. 


Get off of the Floor

Any elevated surface with a height of at least 2.5 feet will suffice. When you place your baby on a changing table or dresser, she won’t be able to see all of her other favourite toys on the ground, making her less likely to turn over and crawl away.


Purchase a diaper pad

Cleaning up messes is a cinch, investing in a new diaper pad can solve 90% of your problems. Purchase a good diaper pad to avoid any mess and keep the place clean. 

You’ll thank us later for introducing you to this item. As it will be the holy grail for your baby tool basket. 

Even if you can’t afford the silicone or the hard pad you can also invest in a waterproof cloth changing pad. It serves the same purpose and is equally useful.


Prep your surface

Pull out two or three baby wipes for quick access and lay down a fresh diaper on the changing pad before collecting your little one. This will ensure that everything is ready to go the moment you lay your baby down. If I don’t do it, my daughter will twist herself into a pretzel as I struggle to get wipes from the package.

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Distract them with a Peek-a-boo

Fortunately, the age when a baby begins to itch to turn over during diaper changes is also the age when they are most interested in playing peekaboo. Take advantage of this! Place a soft cuddly on their face and have your child peel it off while saying “peekaboo!” Repeat for as long as the diaper has to be changed. They’ll burst out laughing.


Stickers can also do the trick

If you paste a brightly coloured silly smile sticker on your child’s clothing, she will spend the next five minutes trying to pull it off and re-attach it. That’s more than enough time to change a soiled diaper and put on a fresh one. (Just remember to take it off afterwards because stickers can be choking hazards for children under the age of three.)

This diaper hack for changing can just be the trick for you!!!


Mirror on the Wall 

Hang a little mirror next to baby’s face on the wall (any cute mirror with a cartoon figure on it) so she can check herself out while you take care of business. When you share a square photo of her or another family member for her to look at, she will be delighted.


Make a melody 

People enjoy listening to music, but they keep their music player hidden from their child most of the time, except when you’re desperate and they need need a diversion.                                                                                                   

This can just be the distraction hack you’re looking up for to clean your baby. 

Whether it’s dealing with a newborn with impossible-to-clean excrement or a toddler who won’t sit still for more than a few seconds, diaper changing issues never end. In a single baby’s first year, thousands of diaper changes are required. We’ve got you and your baby’s bottom covered with 10 diaper hacks to make all those improvements a little bit simpler.


Parenting Hacks- Making your journey just better!!

Here are some absolutely life-changing parenting and diaper hacks that will make your parenting journey so much better and worth it; 


Barrier for Protection 

The main inside movements of an infant are dim and tar-like. It’s known as meconium, and it’s a gooey wreck. Spread a far layer of petroleum jelly on the child’s skin from the main diaper change to shape a boundary on the skin. In the event that any stalls out, a spotless fabric dunked in olive oil will delicately eliminate it.


Track the time

You’ll need to comprehend how frequently your child goes to the potty in the early months to ensure they’re getting sufficient sustenance. You’ll need to track the number of diapers your child overcomes in a day on the grounds that your pediatrician will inquire. Instead of relying upon your melatonin mind, utilize an application like Sleep Tracker to follow your feedings, rest propensities, and achievements.


One size bigger

There will be victory misfortunes up the rear of the diaper. Assuming they become something regular, consider going up a diaper size. Diaper level and weight proposals are just rules; you can definitely relax assuming the diaper is too enormous. You need to ensure the leg openings aren’t excessively slack, as this could prompt spilling.


Techniques for Receiving Blankets

You presumably got no less than one shipment of getting covers in expectation for the appearance of your little group, and you in a real sense have no clue about how to manage that multitude of small, slender covers. At the point when things get muddled, lay one on top of the changing diaper cover for a speedy tidy up. You will not need to stress over cleaning the changing-cushion cover as frequently. Likewise, keep one in your diaper sack for fast changes in the vehicle or in public bathrooms.


Always keep extra diapers

With regards to diaper packs, there will be times when you take off from the house and completely neglect to take yours with you. Or then again you open your sack and find you haven’t restocked your diapers! To stay away from misfortune, keep several diapers and a movement size holder of wipes in your glove compartment. Really look at your reserve once in a while to ensure it’s as yet the right size for your baby.


A rash cream brush 

Diaper rash is another issue that makes certain to foster when it concerns child butts. There is an assortment of creams and salves available for clearing up rashy bottoms, however, practically every one of them shares one thing for all intents and purposes: they’re hard to clear off your mind and consistently appear to get under your fingernails.


Do Not Spray!!!

It has presumably happened to each parent. You get the child all tidied up and are snatching a new diaper just to get wet prior to getting the new diaper on. A decent tip for present rest changes is to trust that your little one will awaken. As they progress in years, children and babies are less inclined to pee in their rest, so you need to give them an opportunity to get everything out before you open them to the air. You can likewise put a new diaper over top of young men while you slip the former oddball and bend over-under for young ladies while you transform them.


Hacks to dress

Inherent components in child articles of clothing assist with forestalling diaper rash. A huge number and shirts have shoulder overlays that aren’t only for getting the tops over the child’s head. You can likewise utilize them to eliminate articles of clothing by pulling them down as opposed to up, which keeps endearing faces and hair clean during a victory. To keep little gives out of filthy diapers, put inquisitive babies in their nightgown in reverse.


This time should be fun

Changes in diapers can be troubling for the two guardians and infants. Sing a melody or rehash a nursery rhyme to keep more youthful children quiet. Put away a couple of promptly launderable toys for restless little children that are only utilized during diaper time to keep their minds and hands involved. Your youngsters might start to expect the progression of time!


Leak-proof Diapers

Search for Diaper Hacks that are particularly assigned for evening time use assuming your youngster is a weighty night wetter. They are more spongy than normal ones, so your youngster is less inclined to awaken soggy around midnight. You can likewise utilize liners to add additional penetrability to any type of best diaper.