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We wish you well from Hygiene Industries (Pvt) Ltd. We take pride in bringing to you TheBestDiaper to ensure that our fellow citizens at the Islamic Republic of Pakistan get to enjoy the same international standards in hygiene and comfort, but at the reduced local pricing. This is made possible through our untiring efforts to ensure that our product is produced in an absolutely indigenous manner. Hygiene Industries (Pvt) Ltd. project to be a reliable non-woven production facility based in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Pakistan’s largest province of Punjab. We plan to have a broad product portfolio comprising fabrics with various colors, specifications, and properties, which could, in turn, be utilized not only for our own production requirements but could also be supplied to our industrial customers on both local and regional scales. Furthermore, we stand capable to tailor our products such that they meet the precise requirements of our large-scale customers. At Hygiene Industries (Pvt) Ltd., we believe in striving for continual improvement of our offered products, thereby staying at the heart of making our designs even better from the past.

Words From Our Chairman

There is still a long way to go for Pakistan Diaper Industries, we will still insist on innovation and constant improvement to reinforce our competitiveness and anti-risk capability to achieve our development and contribute to the development of national diaper industries.

Muhammad Mubeen


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