The biggest problem mothers’ face while choosing diapers for their toddlers is to pick the one that is best for overnight. That helps to keep your toddlers dry and protected all night and their delicate skins rash-free. There are a few diapers that are specially designed to keep your babies dry, protected and rash-free overnight. 


Some of them are 

  • TheBestDiapers
  • Huggies Overnight Diapers
  • Pampers Extra Protection Diapers
  • Luvs Ultra Leakguards


These are the few brands available in Pakistan with Nightlock Plus qualities. Not all brands offer this. Hunting down the best diapers for your toddlers can be quite a task. Each diaper is made to fit your babies uniquely and not every diaper helps to keep your babies dry and protected. So before investing an amount. You need to research and study to see what works best for your babies. 

overnight diapers

To make it easier for you to select, we have narrowed down some options.



TheBestDaipers are especially designed to keep your babies dry and protected not only in the day but also overnight. It is specially designed to absorb all the wetness that irritates your toddlers while in a deep sleep. Its scut shape is made to fit your baby like another skin to protect any leakages. It is made up of imported material that is specially made to protect your babies. The somitomi sap used inside is exclusively put in to provide extra absorbent qualities. Designed for your babies’ comfort and soft skin. 


Huggies Overnight Diapers:

Huggies OverNites have a lot of fluid potential! As a result, you’ll virtually always be able to have a leak-free evening. They provide a 12-hour leak protection time, thanks to the SnugFit waistband for a perfect fit and double hold bands to keep the diaper on even the most wiggly toddler. The Dry-Touch liner, which wicks away moisture from the baby, is something truly considerable. Overall, your child will have less rashes and be more pleasant.

Because of the moisture indicator on the diaper, you can readily determine if your child is wet. Huggies has already proven to be a successful daytime brand, so it’s no surprise that they’re also succeeding at night! With Huggies OverNites, you can say goodbye to midnight washes.

Pampers Extra Protection NightTime Diapers:


Pampers Extra Protection NightTime Diapers are dependable and of high quality. It fits closely yet comfortably against your baby’s bottom. They are the maximum-capacity diapers. Absorbent enough to last all night. The extra-absorbent zones aid your baby to stay dry all night. They are great for long trips and outings. Gives upto 12 hour overnight protection. 

  The soft fasteners keep the diaper gently in place. The stretchy sides for comfort and flexibility. This quality helps eliminate night time leaks

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