Our Pledge and Promises

our Promise 2

Our Promise of Tender Loving Care

There is perhaps nothing more sacred than this beautiful phenomenon which we define as motherhood. You took all the pain to bring your child to life. This is your greatest accomplishment as a mother, we understand. And your child certainly deserves to experience no such thing as pain or discomfort.

Our solution? A diaper specifically made to bring convenience and comfort to the baby as if it were surrounded in your own tender embrace. No wonder TheBestDiaper is intricately crafted with this core commitment at the heart to serve as the Best protection for your child. Well, second only to your own.

Our Promise of Hygienic Sustainability

Each year we are producing around 5000 MT of diapers. With this extensive reach comes great responsibility. This is why sustainability will be part of all our activities from the earliest stages of design to the product’s end of life.

Our commitment to sustainable human health and the health of the environment go hand in hand. It is difficult, if not impossible, to have one without the other, which is why sustainability is an important part of all our activities from the earliest stages of design to the product’s end of life. Our end-to-end supply chain approach ensures that we deliver products that help improve health and wellness, protect precious resources and support our future viability. Sustainability, we believe, is also good for business because sustainable practices lead to reducing costs along with helping us to make better products.



For achieving high-quality standards in the products and process, we have framed a comprehensive total quality management program. It includes a stern quality check at various stages of designing and manufacturing our products. The quality parameters on which the products are thoroughly tested are given below: Effectiveness, Zero side effects, and Purity level.


Our material handling procedure is very well managed by a team of experts ensuring zero damage of the stored products stocked in our spacious warehousing unit. To guard our complete range of goods from exterior causes that can be damaging, we have a high-tech packing unit armed with the newest safe packaging technologies and supplies.


We are supported by hi-tech machines and expert personnel that enable us in meeting the bulk packaging of the products. Moreover, we check the entire lot before making the final dispatch. To make delivery of consignments within the promised time, we have an excellent supply chain network in place.